The Rides

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Day Start Time
Sunday 9:00am(October to March) / 8:30am(April to september)
Tuesday 9:00am
Thursday 9:00am
Thursday Eve 7:15pm

All Rides start from Central Cross Drive, except Thursday mornings where you make your own way to the 11’s destination. There is limited on-road parking around Central Cross Drive.

The current runs list can be downloaded from the Home page.

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Characteristics of Rides (speeds are averages, not including 11s/lunch/tea stops) …


11’s and lunch destinations are listed on the runs list.

B and B- rides are generally morning only, returning to Cheltenham from 11’s for about 1:30pm. C and A rides are generally whole-day rides, with some A riders returning to Cheltenham after 11’s.

B- Medium, steady pace, riding most hills. Average speed ~10-13mph Distance for the morning-only ride 35-60m
B Faster than B-, riding almost all hills. Average speed ~12- 15mph Distance for the morning-only ride 40-65m
A Faster than B, Riding all hills. Average speed ~ 13-17mph Distance for whole-day ride 70-100m
C Sunday C rides start from Central Cross Drive at 09:00 in summer, 10:00 in winter. See the current runs list for alternative starting points and starting times.
Slower pace. Average speed ~ 10-13mph
Distance for whole-day ride 50-80m


Morning ride to café, returning to Cheltenham for lunch, generally 35-50 miles.


Meet up at the indicated café at about 11am.


These are rides of 25 to 35 miles usually including a refreshment stop at a country inn. Held weekly throughout the year there are always a few hardy souls riding regardless of the weather.

Pub destination will be up to 18m from Cheltenham, depending on season.
C Slower pace: 10-13mph Distance to pub: 15-20m
B Moderate pace: 11-15mph Distance to pub: 18-25m
A Faster pace: 14-18mph Distance to pub: 20-30m

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